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Recordings from Social Business Matters!

Cast your minds back to March…

It was early in our Virtually Hyperconnected project and we had the wonderful Meredith Collins come to Taree campus to talk to us about Social media in business and about measuring return on investment (ROI). We were joined virtually by other students and staff from north Coast TAFE and some of our industry contacts, including the Virtual Enterprise Australia team. After the presentation, Meredith joined the students (to whom she is the Business Mentor) to workshop the project, her needs, discuss how they could support her and how she could support them, true User Based Design! You can view the social media activity from the event on our storify page.

Click here for the complete set of recordings from this event.

Here are some of the key takeaways and questions

Social Business Matters – Key Takeaways and questions from NCTAFE on Vimeo

And here is some event feedback from participants.

Social Business Matters – Post event Feedback from NCTAFE on Vimeo


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Students up working and collaborating at 1:30am!

Well it’s finally here, tomorrow is our Virtual Trade Fair. North Coast TAFE business students have been busy preparing their booths for some virtual trading and visits from international visitors between 11:00 am and 13:30pm AEST, tomorrow (Monday May 27th). This event forms a major part of their assessment for their business studies and North Coast TAFE. If you haven’t contacted me for a guest avatar and pre-event training, then you’ll miss this amazing event. Luckily though, I shall be recording it, so stay tuned for the video.

What makes this event really special is not just the work that the teachers have put in, but the many, many hours that the students have spent collaborating and working with each other, the teachers, industry contacts and their business mentor, you only have to look at the classes private Facebook group (to which I am lucky to be privy), to see the high level of engagement with this project and its subject matter. It is also evident on our project Facebook page, and tweets (#virtualhype), many of which have been collated on storify (part 3 details the preparation for the Trade Fair).

I have seen this group of students in-world on several occasions late at night, weekends and more recently into the early hours of the morning. So, I am left with some questions that I hope you will add to in the comments below and that the students will respond to honestly (perhaps sometime after the main event).

Questions for the students

  • Why are you working in-world at such unusual hours?
  • Have you engaged in the social media side of your learning? If so, has it affected/ changed the way you learn?
  • Has the industry collaboration added value to your studies?
  • What have you learnt from this experience?
  • What aspect has been the most challenging?
  • How as the reduced number of students/ project participants affected your journey?

Looking forward to reading your questions and responses.

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Virtually ready!

Image of Alex's avatar sitting in the virtual trade fair

Well we are ‘virtually ready’ to go!

The virtual environment is ready for us to launch with our business students and business mentors. We’ll be curating media, tweets and posts using the tag #virtualhype.

So far we’ve set up:

  • Facebook page (please head over and ‘like’ us) that we can post to from inside the virtual world. We will also be using it as a networking tool for students, business mentors and the VEA team.
  • A project blog  on which we will post project information and stories
  • A curation tool called storify – which will be our tool to share our story, curate posts, tweets and media from other spaces.

* the #virtualhype tag may change as the project has a User Based Design focus (UBD) and the users