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Project Update 2 – The Virtual Trade Fair

Are you ready for our Virtual Trade Fair?

Right now we are very busy preparing for our Virtual Trade Fair on Monday May 27th.  The Trade Fair will operate between 11:00 and 13:30 pm.

What will happen?

Students will meet and greet guests at the booths they have been busy designing and conduct trading using virtual currency (‘tokens’) with virtual world guests. Clients and guests include other staff looking at the potential use of virtual worlds in education, business contacts and even some international attendess (think of the money they are saving on flights!!)

How are we preparing for the event?

Students and project members have participated in virtual world training sessions alongside Trade Fair guests, business mentors, Virtual Enterprise Australia staff and interested North Coast TAFE staff.  Currently, students are busy creating booths for virtual trading.  Our business faculty teachers, Deb Kelly & Marie Power are guiding the students with creation of marketing collateral for the booths, brochures for trading, developing presentations and much more.

We’re also busy promoting the event to ensure that we have plenty of virtual visitors to keep our student busy! Here are some images of our spaces and training.

Like our Virtually Hyperconnected Facebook page for Trade Fair information and updates.

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Getting down to business!

Creating lanyards for our avatars in preparation for our Virtual Trade Fair on Monday . What do you think?

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Project Update 1 – Hyper-connected Learning

Things we need to focus on now

#virtualhype our project hashtag

#virtualhype our project hashtag

Social media for connecting, sharing learning, getting support

There are Twitter and Facebook boxes on the reception desks. We can use these to connect with others in social media spaces (as we all are on a daily basis these days) from the in-world environment. We can reach out to:

  • let others in the project, business connections, and mentors know that we are in-world if they want to join us
  • get help and support from other project members
  • share our learning and innovative ideas
  • promote the Virtual Trade Fair
  • ask our networks for ideas

What else can you think  of?

Do you think we could all make an effort to click those boxes every time we go in-world and post to the project Facebook page to say we are in-world? This will let project members know who is in-world and what they are up to and if they need any support. We really need to make use of these tools to promote the Trade Fair.

chillOUTlounge poster

chillOUTlounge poster

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And they’re off!

Training has now commenced in-world with the support of Jo Kay from jokaydiaGRID. Our lovely business students are madly preparing for their Virtual Trade Fair.

Student avatars now need to decide on things like; business attire, booth design, signage, roles and responsibilities for the Trade Fair day, and build their booths.

If you have liked our Virtually Hyperconnected Facebook page, you can see the pics and posts, feedback and comments from the training sessions to date.

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It’s a wrap! Social Business Matters…

It’s a fact, Social Business Matters! Our wonderful speaker, digital and social media strategist, Meredith Collins from Video Social Marketing joined North Coast TAFE as part of our Virtually Hyperconnected project to share her expertise on just how much social media impacts business, how important it is to have a strategy and a plan and to measure the results. Meredith took us on an engaging and powerful journey into our past (highlighted by a purple Malvern Star bike), with a sneak peak at the future (which looks to be all mobile, mobile, mobile). You can view some images, tweets and the YouTube videos on our Storify page.

The event was held physically at Taree campus, North Coast Institute and online using Adobe Connect. The event was recorded and filmed and is currently being edited.

After the event, Meredith (the Business Mentor for Taree campus Business students) was invited into the classroom to workshop ideas for the project and to enable students to develop their relationship with her by discussing ways they could work together for the duration of their study. We caught lots of this user based design, planing and collaboration on film, along with feedback from the students. As we go through the footage, we will grab any significant bits to share with the project via this blog.

Here are some images from the event. You can find more here on Flickr

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Hyperconnectivity in teaching and learning

Sonya’s research has left her wondering what happens when students connect and collaborate online, what are they missing in real life, what does the time spent online replace? Her projects and research have led her to change the way she thinks about hyperconnectivity and has raised more questions than answers.

Watch the video below to see what you think. I would love to hear from some students about their thoughts on connecting and collaborating online.

“I chose hyperconnectivity because I wanted to investigate how teachers collaborate and connect online, and children, how they collaborate and connect online.”

Sonya Van Schaijik: Hyperconnectivity from EDtalks on Vimeo.