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Greetings from our Virtual Trade Fair!


The 2013 Virtually Hyperconnected project builds on the success of the 2012 Virtually Enterprising Project. This project intends to embed (as opposed to trial) the use of the virtual world in mainstream delivery, connecting students and teachers with business mentors and industry experts across Australia while at the same time trialing a Hyperconnected Learning Model (Mark Pesce*).

North Coast TAFE will partner with Virtual Enterprise Australia (VEA) and skilled business mentors to take educational delivery in our virtual world to the next level, where an audio and streaming video component is integrated into the virtual world platform to enable a fully online teaching and learning experience which includes industry experts as guest speakers and advisors during the teaching program.

Together these two educational institutions are working to develop new teaching and assessment methods so as to open up learning opportunities for all students. Everyone learns in different ways, so by exploring this online world combined with social media forums we are investigating whether this can in fact enhance a student’s learning experience.

As the second stage of the virtual world platform it will see the online world integrate with social platforms to provide the learning experience. As part of this opportunity we are hosting an industry expert as a guest speaker; Meredith Collins, on the importance of managing your social mediums and how this can positively influence your business.

Participation will this time extend to VEs across Australia, and in order to enhance the learning, we will overlay a Hyperconnected Learning Model that sees all participants (including teachers and mentors) interacting and engaging on another level via social media.

*Mark Pesce – on Hyperconnectivity (keynote speech – Putting it Together workshops, Sydney, June 2012) (this audio file is in Equella – you will need a DEC login to access it. Once logged in, please scroll down to the file named mpescekeynote.mp3)

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Social Business Matters event presented by Meredith Collins at North Coast TAFE

Social Business Matters event presented by Meredith Collins at North Coast TAFE


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