virtually hyperconnected

North Coast TAFE & Virtual Enterprise Australia Project

We cannot fight connection. It’s a sign of the times.

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“More than half of cellphones sold today are smartphones. They allow us to jump between tasks quickly. These tasks are often micro tasks, not long thought. We spend an average of 2 hours a day on our cellphones, and 2.5 hours watching TV (the two overlap). 80% of television viewers who have a tablet use the tablet simultaneously. 68% of smartphone owners use their phones while watching TV.”

Do you use more than one monitor? If so, is this statement true for you?

“People feel they’re able to do about 80% more at work with hyperconnectivity. We can multitask multiple tasks concurrently. But multiple screens produce a behavior of zapping between small tasks. You may have noticed this yourself when you finally do need to read a long file and find you no longer have the attention span for it.”

Coping with Hyperconnectivity


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