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Social Business Matters



Measuring your return on Social Media Investment

This exciting Social Media for business event presented by Meredith Collins (Social Media Strategist), is part of our Virtually Hyperconnected project. It is a fabulous opportunity to hyperconnect North Coast TAFE business students and teachers, with Virtual Enterprise Australia and business mentors in a virtual context.

Download the Social Business Matters Flyer

When: Monday March 18th , 12:00 – 13: 30

Where: Library seminar room Taree campus, North Coast TAFE
Attend online by clicking this link –

What you need to do

Download the flyer here

What will we be talking about?

At the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Outline the psychology of social media
  • Identify how social media can impact a business’s reputation online
  • Name the four main keys that Google looks for in a website and how social media contributes to the keys
  • Identify how social media can influence online visibility
  • Identify two ways to measure the success of social media

There will be a Q & A session, so bring your questions.

Don’t leave without your ‘free set of steak knives’ (we’ll give attendees access to a set of very useful, business focused social media checklists)

How do we join online?

You can attend online by clicking this link –

  1. You’ll need a headset plugged into your computer before entering the online session.
  2. Enter as a guest using your full name (it would help us if you put your organisation in brackets as well), or if you’re with DEC, then log in using your usual details (with @detnsw at the end).
  3. We recommend coming in at least ten minutes prior to the start of the session to test your audio.
  4. Run through the Audio setup wizard before you start (Meetings > Audio setup wizard)
  5. Make sure your mic is turned off unless it is your turn to speak

Note: This session will be recorded and a link placed here after the event.


Who is Meredith Collins?

Meredith Collins is a Social media Strategist.  Meredith’s passion for social media began in 2003 as one of TAFE NSW’s first teachers to begin to utilise and assess blogs, wikis, podcasting amongst other online technologies to support both students and teachers in distance and eLearning solutions.2009 saw her open her own consultancy, Video.Social. Marketing and having watched the progress of social media as a business tool and communication channel in a very short time. In line with this changing environment, she too evolved her service offering education for the business market – being a sought after and entertaining speaker – “Keeping it Real”.

Meredith delivers practical, engaging and easy to follow keynotes, breakfast seminars, workshops and mentoring programs in a dynamic way and she is committed to bringing her audience the very latest and most relevant content. More info

What you can expect from meredith

  • Entertaining, engaging and relevant content and delivery – start to finish
  • High interaction and multi-media content – an energised audience
  • High-quality information woven through with stories and humour
  • Well researched and prepared content specific to your needs
  • No death by PowerPoint!
  • Challenging, thought-provoking and memorable experiences
  • An audience who remembers your event for weeks afterwards!


“Social Media was a confusing and out there media that we didn’t think was for us…..Meredith changed all that. She made it easy to understand, showed how powerful a tool it actually was and proved that it was necessary for any company wanting to grow and be leading edge. Video.Social.Marketing did all that and we have now embraced this technology and are engaging new and potential customers each and every day. Meredith is highly recommended by us as both a consultant and mentor and she and her company will definitely make you better resourced and a leading edge market player. A powerful business to be associated with.” MD – NSW TAFE Institute

Virtual Enterprise Australia

Who are Virtual Enterprise Australia?

Virtual Enterprise Australia (VEA) is a not-for-profit company that manages the network of Virtual Enterprises (VEs).

The Virtual Enterprise program is an opportunity to get your students experienced in business without the risks of running a real business. Whilst the products and money are virtual everything else is real. This business program can support participants at school, TAFE, university and in business, and it is hands on, interactive and global. More info

What is the Virtually Hyper connected project?

North Coast TAFE and Virtual Enterprise Australia partner again in the Virtually Hyperconnected project, embedding learning and assessment opportunities in a virtual world environment with audio capability and social streams and developing a hyperconnected learning model. ‘In-world’ students can train, learn, perform assessment tasks and develop employability skills associated with running a business and the relevance (and in fact importance) of using on line social mediums in 2013. More info

This event will be hosted by North Coast TAFE. For further details contact:

Alex-Miller, Learning Resource Development Officer, North Coast TAFE
m: 0418 227 066


3 thoughts on “Social Business Matters

  1. Thanks Alex, nice to see you’re still around Coffs. Long time no see.
    Thanks for sending through the invitation to join the Virtually Hyperconnected FB page. I have undertaken the survey and will join online on March 18th.
    Shame its in Taree instead of CHEC as I find it quite inrersting these days to actually go to a live face to face session rather than online video conferencing.
    Ciao for now, Laarz (Tourism Coffs Coast)

    • Hi David, thanks for your response. It’s great to connect with you online. Great to see you’re coming to the event. Next time I’ll make sure it’s in Coffs! We will actually have a group attending from Coffs at the Glenreagh street campus. It’ll be via a web conference, we’ll have business faculty teachers and students in the room and the event will be projected onto the screen. You are more Han welcome to come along, infant we would be delighted to have the opportunity to talk to you about what your organisation is doing in the social media space, I think the students would get a lot out of meeting you in person. Alex

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