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North Coast TAFE & Virtual Enterprise Australia Project

Introducing Hyperconnectivity

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Hello out there! Are we hyperconnecting yet? Have you liked our Facebook page?

Some ideas for you for Feb/ March.

  • You could be introducing the idea of hyperconnective learning to students.
  • Get them to like our Facebook page
  • Get them discussing what hyperconnectivity means to them, how do they cope with so much information and media and so many communication channels?
  • Get them discussing the implications (negative & positive) of mixing business with pleasure online? How do they feel about doing that?

Note: These discussions need to take place on our Facebook page, or by using Twitter (if they use it). Perhaps by posing questions to the outside world (VEA & teachers get the business mentors following, commenting, sharing real life business experiences = building relationships)

Please get them to tag everything they discuss online using #virtualhype so I can track it and collate it


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